When Your Kid’s Biggest Bully Is the Teacher (Published In Kveller)

My daughter expected that she would be hazed by upperclassmen in high school. She heard all the horror stories about freshman being shoved into lockers and sent on wild goose chases through the hallways, but these tales never materialized. To her surprise, the older students she interacted with daily in the halls, in her elective classes and on sports teams were welcoming and kind. On her second day, an older girl walked her to her class on the other side of the building, knowing she’d be late to her own class.

My daughter least expected that degradation would become the norm in an honors class, in which she (and most of the students) maintained a solid A. And the source was even more surprising: the teacher.

“This tissue box is NOT for freshman, and your cough is disturbing my class, so quit it.”

“Freshman may not approach my desk unless given permission in advance. And don’t bother me by asking questions.”

“Freshman may not see me during study hall without an advance appointment, and may not approach me without properly inquiring as to my wellbeing, my weekend and life.”

“I hate teaching freshman.”

“And don’t you dare call me ‘Mrs!’ I’m a “DOCTOR! ‘Doc’ for short, is acceptable.”


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  1. It is often said that those that feel the worst about themselves feel the need to belittle others. How sad it is, that educators are enacting their neuroses on our children. I had a similar experience with my 8th grade English teache . Sadly, it’s an experience I never forgot.

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