The Time I Waxed My Bikini Line for the First Time with My Best Friends (Published in Kveller)

My daughter and her BFFs were having breakfast at my kitchen counter after a sleepover. They were watching me flit about the kitchen, chopping and bagging ahead of my busy day so that we would have an easy and healthy dinner that night.

“How do you have so much energy so early in the morning?” they asked.

“I didn’t when I was your age…” I smiled.

“Tell us a story about you at our age.”

I don’t know why I instantly flashed back to the spring of 1985 when my BFFs and I decided we would try a home wax kit, courtesy of another one of my vanity-driven bright ideas. Three 16-year-olds and a home wax kit are a bad combination. When I told the girls my story they asked, “What were you thinking?” And the truth is, we weren’t.


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