Moving the Embassy Might Not Be A Big Deal After All (Published in The Algemeiner)

After the historic and long overdue announcement declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a friend asked me: “Why the controversy?”

“Isn’t Jerusalem already the capital of Israel?” he asked.

Well, yes. Yes it is.

I had no idea how I would begin to answer that loaded question. Would I start by telling him that moving the embassy is about 70 years overdue? Technically, that’s not exactly correct, so I’d have to start with some history.


2 Replies to “Moving the Embassy Might Not Be A Big Deal After All (Published in The Algemeiner)”

  1. Yesterday the UN vote proved, with all certainty, the uselessness of that organization. How alone Israel must have felt for way to long.

    However flawed President Trump might be (and aren’t we all flawed) I am proud the US finally took that decisive step to be at the side of, not behind, Israel. Note I did not say “Trump” took that step. It’s a step the people of the US have been behind for a very long time. He just did the right thing and followed US law. That is a breath of fresh air. It has only ever been the very vocal and pandered to minority of apologists that have stood in the way of this historical step.

    I remain astounded as to how the UN and so many so called Progressive countries can be so blind to reality. Jerusalem is and always has been the capital. No other country in the modern world has been made so subject to the unholy desires of thug regimes to “wipe it off the earth” like Israel has been. How anyone can support the UN joining in this mass hysteria is beyond me.

    No, the world won’t end because of this. The middle east will not erupt into any more chaos than the day before President Trump did the right thing and followed US law. What will happen is the strength between the worlds two greatest allies will be in display. That strength is so much more important on the road to peace than ever retreating imaginary lines in the sand, blown away by the advancing thugs or war and genocide, that have to long been tolerated.

    Common sense prevails, thank God.

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