This Is Why I Left My High-Paying Job As An Attorney (Published In Town & Country)

1453488157-screen-shot-2016-01-22-at-14048-pm“I’m not accepting your resignation,” my boss said after I worked up the courage to resign from my job at a law firm. “Go home and figure it out, but you’re not quitting.” Naturally, I assumed she was joking, but when I was the only one smiling I realized she was very serious.

It didn’t get any easier when I shared my decision with some of the male partners, who made supportive comments but left me feeling like a failure. Perhaps I was reading into their reactions because I was paranoid and insecure about my decision? I owe a debt of gratitude to the one arrogant partner who confirmed my perceptions when he said, “Just don’t lie to yourself and say this is a temporary decision. Know that you’re never going to practice law again and that you’re throwing your life away. You’ll end up just like my wife, playing tennis and getting her nails done all day.”

Wow. Really?


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