Why I Prefer Teenagers Over Toddlers (Seriously) (Published In Kveller)

toddler tantrum“What a cute pumpkin hat,” I said to the woman holding the toddler behind me on line at the grocery store.

“Thanks! My friend knit it for her,” she beamed.

“Enjoy it while you can still dress her without a fight. I haven’t been able to tell my teenage daughter how to dress since she was 2,” I confessed.

“Ugh! I dread my kids becoming teens,” she rolled her eyes and pulled her baby a little closer.

Her words fell between us like the steaming pile that teenage years represent to many parents: the dreaded tantrums, drama and anxiety. And that’s just from us adults. My friends with older kids warned me that bigger kids bring bigger problems, with only the briefest reprieves of sanity and decorum to remind us that our teens are not full-blown monsters.




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