Should Moms Intervene With Their Teen’s Friend Drama? (Published in Kveller)

teen drama girls kvellerOctober ushers in not only high pollen counts but the hugely anticipated and often dreaded homecoming dance. Non-stop chatter regarding the “right” dress, the “right” date, the “right” group, the “right” after-party—and all the wrong values—float in the air like additional allergens and seem to infiltrate every pore.

It started when a friend called to tell me that her daughter’s two best friends decided this was the right time and season to unfriend her—not only on social media, but the good old-fashioned real-life way as well. She got ousted from their homecoming plans, and they’re currently in discussions regarding her future status in their lives. While this particular teen girl had the guts to tell her so-called former friends to halt their deliberations and saved them the trouble by saying goodbye on her own terms, she’s crushed. Really badly. And her mom is broken up too, because this was long, convoluted, calculated, and plain nasty.



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