Nothing Can Prepare You For Dropping Your Firstborn Off At College (Published In Kveller)

dropping off at college suckedI’m not gonna lie. Dropping my son off at college sucked. Experienced friends warned me that they cried all the way home and I empathized, but doubted that would happen to me. I expected to tear up a little hugging him goodbye and definitely cry while walking to the car, but then my husband and I would smile at each other, hold hands, and congratulate ourselves on a job well done as we drove home…

Yeah, right.

I’ve been preparing myself for this moment since he was 2 years old and starting preschool at the JCC. He refused to enter the classroom and had to be physically removed from me as we both cried. He repeated this performance every year through kindergarten, when he refused to get on the school bus and I had to chase him up and down the muddy front yard in my heels, suit, and briefcase. He then ran inside and locked me out of the house.




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