5 Easy To Follow Tips For New Bloggers Trying To Get Published (Published on Beyond Your Blog)

5-Easy-To-Follow-Tips-For-New-Bloggers-TryingTo-Get-Published-Beyond-Your-Blog-guest-post-by-Erris-Langer-Klapper-200x300It all began two years ago, while sharing a glass of wine with my friend, Karen. She pressed me to begin pursuing my dream of writing and I admitted that I was scared. Scared of failure, scared of exposing myself, scared of putting it all out there (I sounded like a nervous flasher). “I want to be a writer” seemed like a ridiculously pretentious line out of a Woody Allen film. Who did I think I was?

Karen was relentless: “How dare you not try?”

Why couldn’t she just leave me alone with my glass of wine?

But she pressed on: “Would you accept ‘I just can’t’ from one of your kids?”

Ugh. She was pushing all my buttons, but she was so right.

I couldn’t get her words out of my head and two months later, after working on content, I launched my blog and website. With my very own piece of Internet real estate to call home, I was satisfied for about two minutes before I realized that I wanted more. To reach a wider audience, I had to learn how to pitch editors and build a social media platform. It was, and still is, time-consuming but well worth the effort.

Here are five easy to follow tips for new bloggers trying to get published:


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