I’ll Never Take A Knee, Despite Trump (Published in The Algemeiner)

“This is your homeroom,” my new guidance counselor said. What’s a homeroom, I wondered?

I’d spent the last three years living in Israel, South Africa and now the US, wandering through five different schools, and learning a new language and customs. At thirteen, I was just a little tired of making new friends and fumbling through new curricula. My knees nearly buckled as I slowly walked into my new homeroom, months after the school year had begun.

Compared to my strict South African private school, this was mayhem. Kids were sitting on desks, and munching on Kit Kats and Doritos, which I’d never before seen. One group heatedly discussed the newly aired episode of “Fame,” while another was busy not only singing, but acting out a pop song. I weakly mumbled my name to the disinterested teacher, who directed me to an empty desk right in front, when all I wanted was to be swallowed up somewhere in the back of the room.

Suddenly, the orchestrated chaos was interrupted by an announcement. I had no idea where the sound came from, but everyone stood and chanted a poem in unison. That night, my mother explained the Pledge of Allegiance and also shared the words of our new home country’s national anthem.


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  1. Great piece… but “Well… let me tell you a thing or two missy!” Popped up in a balloon above this old vets head as soon as he read this.

    Here is where I respectfully disagree. The closing sentence “…Let’s not let the bully capture it” To me that is to say Trump believes it’s his flag and not yours or mine or everyone’s. That is just not true and not what Trump thinks or says at all. The demonstrators are saying it’s not their flag or country. They are saying the flag and the country are evil. Just ask Antifa or the hoards at Berkeley.

    The problem has grown out of the demonizing and division of our country and all of the ideals you just mentioned. The left has tried to make it seem that standing for the flag country and God are abnormal. They have chosen that specific symbol, not Trump, to set the fires in the hearts of normal people who believe in God, Country and the flag. They are saying you are wrong to believe in your country, God and the flag. There is nothing unifying about those protests. They, not Trump, are attempting to divide. They are the bully here.

    Now as for me Trump is a kind of duffus but he is the President. Trump has nothing to do with this. It started under Obama. He just spoke his opinion clearly and distinctly without the need for any interpretation of political nuance. That same opinion some players are displaying. But it seems he is not to be afforded that same freedom.

    When you say bullying you must look at the big picture. A very small minority of players are taking a knee but they and the radical leftist are the bullies when they and force others to join against their will and berate them as racist if they don’t. That is the attempt to divide. That is what the left does and always have.

    No my good friend, Trump is not the bully here, it started long before he opened up his beak and tweeted. It started with those who live by division and divide us all the time every way by sex, by race, by religion by social status, by political party, by income etc. It started by the left controlling the dialog and turning the flag and veterans and anyone who would dare disagree with them into “RACISTS”

    I have had enough, if the NFL let’s them take over the NFL and turn it into a political demonstration like a suburb of Berkeley where “Free speech” means you can only speak what they agree with then free speech is dead.

    BTW breaking from the duties of your job to take part in a political demonstration is not protected from consequences by the first amendment. These players are on the job and they have no more right to free speech while on the job than they have to pick the color of their uniforms or burn a cross on the side lines. Their actions are hijacking my “safe space”

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