How to be the Best Grandma (and Drive Your Adult Kids Crazy) (Published in Parent Co.)

My mom is a grandma on steroids, blinded by adoration, paranoia, and utter subjectivity when it comes to the objects of her perfection – oops, I meant, affection.

She is wild about her grandchildren. So what exactly is the problem? Well, she does some things – lovingly, of course – that annoy the life out of her adult children.

Here are 7 of her nuttiest quirks:

1. She feeds the kids incessantly. 

My mom believes that it’s impossible to be “not hungry.”

“There’s always room,” she says. 

Sure Mom, if you want us to explode. Whenever I try to explain that we’ve already eaten, she acts as though she’s either hearing impaired or she’s hearing this concept for the first time. She flits about her kitchen opening and closing the refrigerator while covering every available surface with platters she prepared at 5 a.m., ignoring our protests.

By the way, she’s up that early because she’s worried about the grandchildren – anything could’ve happened overnight.


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  1. All I can say is love, love, love! I can’t wait to witness you with your grown adult children and their children! Just saying…😘

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